Name an exotic fruit that you wish to taste again?

July 7, 2009 4:42am CST
Pomelo i like so much and i wish to taste it again now...mmm
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• Philippines
7 Jul 09
Exotic fruit would be durian.I used not to like it because of the smell but when my friends forced me to taste it, I end up craving for it. There's really something on that fruit which makes me crazy over it.
@agv0419 (3025)
• Philippines
8 Jul 09
We have abundant supply of Pomelo here especially in Davao. The exotic fruit that I want to taste are Durian and mangosteen. They are very cheap in Davao region but here in Manila it is very expensive. I want to know how the Durian smell and taste like. Loving of this fruit in my opinion is acquired taste. My sister can't bring Durian when she was in Cagayan de Oro Durian is not allowed in the airplane because the smell of it stinks.
8 Jul 09
Not really that exotic but a few years back whilst on holiday in Italy I would eat fresh Figs which I had picked from the trees. Ever since the figs I have tried here in the UK just don't match up to those I had in Italy. Adding to my woh, so to speak, a few years before I discovered Fig chutney whilst on holiday in Spain and cannot get it anywhere in the UK. So basically the UK is figging useless for figs