Do We Need To Go To This Extent? Another Perspective Of The Death Sentence

July 7, 2009 5:04am CST
First of all, I need to apologize for any bad after taste with some disturbing pictures in this article here. I understand that the death penalty will always be a hotly debatable topic for many of us from different countries and perspective. Although, I am pro for this harsh form of punishment, I just cannot go well for this when the punishment is being mete out in full public. It is just being unnecessary and outright brutal. This criminal may rightly be sentenced and made to pay for what he had done, however, I just felt that as long as the system had been fair and that the real murderer had been found. It would already be well and above, good enough and everyone should just go about with their lives and the victims' families moving on without anymore reminders of the brutalities their dead had suffered. I do not know what is in the minds of the justice system and law enforcers here. But, I felt that this very act just does not have any separations from the brute murderer. Must justice be seen to be equally brutal to bring the message home or is it for some personal gratifications? Ref:
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• India
7 Jul 09
There can be public execution, but children should not be allowed to watch such kind of things, as it may affect them in some other way. On the other hand, if they watch such executions,when they grow up, either they will be afraid and obey the law or they might became a rebel.
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