Refused to get appointment with doctor & Angry

July 7, 2009 5:27am CST
Today i went to meet my doctor for a follow up after 20 days but was refused to get an appointment and i am so pissed off. My 20th day got over on last thursday and seeing little to no improvement i decided to meet him on friday so i went to the clinic but was told that appointments closed for the day and the doc would be out on sataurday so come on monday.Yesterday i went to take an apopintment at 4pm and was told that that its full for the day & was asked to come tomorw after 3pm as they open the registration after 3pm. Today i went at 3.20pm and on reaching the clinic i was informed that its closed for the day and i requested them to take my registration as i dont mind being the last patient but was refused.I asked them its a follow up and i needed to see the doctor to either continue to change the medication. I asked them if they can take my advance registration for the next day n was refused.They told me that if i wanted to meet the doctor, i should be there by 12.30 pm and wait till 3pm and come back after 6pm to meet the doctor.They dont even take phone booking and refuses to give me the doctors number. In this busy world who has the time to go and wait for hours for registration and in case soemthing goes wrong with me with the present medication, how on earth am i going to meet this doctor. I am so disappointed and have decided to change the doctor. What would u do if u were in my place
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@zhuhuifen46 (3485)
• China
7 Jul 09
I had similar experiences, but with a dentist. It was after 6 appointments that the tooth was finally treated. Every time a little bit, asked to wait for the next appointment a week later, another photography, and another and another. They are overloaded, and we have to be patient for our own sake. What else can we do if not decided to go to the private at much higher expense? Change for another doctor may help, but do not have too high expectation.
• India
8 Jul 09
ya..sometimes medical treatment takes time.....well this is a private clinic that i visited and since they dont give prior appointments either i have decided to change my doctor where at least i can get appointments and get treated as well.