First day back and he hurts himself

July 7, 2009 2:06pm CST
My 8 year old son decided to return to doing Judo yesterday after a break of about a year. All was going well when he managed to hurt his foot what made it even worst was that it was his sister that done it to him accidentally. He went to throw her and she landed straight on his foot leaving it cut and sore. They put a ice bag on it and it did go black and blue all round the cut. My partner was with him at the time and was sure that he would have to take a trip to the hospital with him. But luckily enough it did not come to this and this morning although his foot was still sore he was able to walk on it. The good thing is that he still wants to return to Judo next week. I am just glad that it did not put him off going again. Has your child ever hurt themselves after returning to sport after a long break? Did it put them off going back again?
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@kaka135 (14265)
• Malaysia
7 Jul 09
It's sad to see the kids get hurt. My son is only 4 month old, he always likes to put the fingers on his face. Very often, he scratched his face and left some scars on the face, though we always cut his finger nails. Luckily, he doesn't really feel the pain though it's bleeding (not seriously). Just that I always feel sad when seeing those scars. My friend told me I have to live with it, as kids will surely fall down, and they need to learn how to get up, so I shouldn't be worry too much. Hope your son's foot will get well soon.
8 Jul 09
Thank you it is sad when they get hurt you just want to protect them but know that sometimes it is the only way that they learn.
@wkylady (48)
• United States
7 Jul 09
I took karate for a while, had some sprains and strains. Such sports as judo and karate are for the young, like your child. Much harder upon the body when you are older. Let him do it if he wants, and when he wants to quit - let him, no questions asked. Childhood should be fun. If he drops one thing, he will probably pick something else up soon.
8 Jul 09
I would never force my children into anything they did not want to do. If he wants to quit it will not be a problem. My daughter has been doing judo for four years so he wanted to try it as well.