Negative people

United States
July 7, 2009 2:35pm CST
Does anyone else have negative people around you that no matter how good your life is going and how you are trying to just live a simple drama free existance just have to start trouble and it seems to be the only way they are happy if they make others miserable? Why do they do this to good people?
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@cream97 (29152)
• United States
15 May 11
Hi. christys4angels. Welcome to myLot! I come into contact with people that are negative all of the time. They would just rather see someone else miserable because they are miserable themselves too. They want to see others suffer and they are also jealous because other people may have something in life that they don't have at all. They are negative because the follow anything and everything that Satan tells them to. They are negative because they refuse to treat others with love and respect. They have not been taught to love and to treat others with kindness. Negative people always have a dark cloud over their shoulders and they are always looking for fault in everyone but themselves.
@indahfth (11169)
• Indonesia
21 Feb 11
There are many negative people around me. Mainly they always see my evils, from the good I have done. They just look for my mistakes, and never saw anything I have done for them. I never reply to them, by contributing to their negative thinking. I do not know why they are always so negative to me. And I do not want to think about their reasons.