One of my friends killed a woman...

Dalian, China
July 7, 2009 10:27pm CST
He is a common student,only 16.Because of the heavy pressure of study,he asked a long leave.During his long vacation,he got mad and killd a woman who said something wrong made him broken out. When we receiving this news we all got a shock and thought many about it. I can't foget everything about him. His smile,his carelessness,his sadness... But now I can't meet him again.He must be kept in somewhere,maybe in hospital,maybe in prison.. I can't imagine if he didn't do this..What would his future be? I just.. I wish everyone can value his or her life. Sometimes,life is breakable,isn't it?
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@cream97 (29146)
• United States
15 Jun 10
Hi, jimosheng. Life is very fragile. When someone flips bad things can happen and when it does, we have to have live with it. We will regret it eventually though. Life is very tough. But if we kill someone, usually we will have to pay for the crime that is done.
@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
much as it hurts us to think about the future of an unfortunate loved one the only sensible thing we can do is subject to what authorities would deem the best not only for the person involved but for those people who treasure him.
@dodo19 (43091)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
8 Jul 09
Oh boy! Now, that's something! When I hear something like this, I find it saddening and difficult to hear. It's really sad. I can't help but wonder what was going on in his mind, in his life. I feel really sorry for this young boy. This action will definitely have a serious effect on the rest of his life. And I don't think that it's going to have a good effect.
@silverglint (2001)
• Philippines
8 Jul 09
wow, your friend must have been going through a lot to get mad enough to kill a woman. how was she related to your friend? just a stranger? that is so sad... but since he is just a minor, he probably won't go to jail, maybe to a juvenile camp or something. He would definitely need psychological help. I don't think its just the pressure of studies that made him do something like that.
• United States
8 Jul 09
WOW. Every time I hear of something like this it is so saddening...for the victim and the person who ruined their life as well. Only 16 years old...he'll never contribute to society or get married. I wonder what his parents feel like. You never imagine having a child who will grow up and murder someone, but it happens, and it must feel awful. Some people truly don't think before they do things...and in cases like murder, they let their emotions come over them for only a moment and BAM! Two lives are gone, one of which is wasted. What a shock to turn on the news and see someone you know on there for murder! I am sorry you had to go through this!