Ever Learnt to Train Your Mind for only Here and Now?

New Zealand
July 8, 2009 1:38am CST
Hey there Friends and Mylotters. Have U ever learnt the technique of training your mind to think of here and now and not the past or the future? I just want to know how everyone felt about it. Personal I feel really scared and threatened by it and like it's trying to get me to go into some strange world which I don't even know at all. So, what's your side of the story do U have an opinion, have u had this kind of training before by a Psychologist, another mind person or have just learnt how to do this by yourself? Any ideas, comments are most welcome and I will just keep my opinion my own way and u can keep it anyway u wanna keep it. Catch ya later pretty_babe
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@aseretdd (13732)
• Philippines
8 Jul 09
That is something quite hard to do... especially for people who are leading a life full of responsibilities... it can be easy not to think of the past... but the future is a whole different thing... the things we do today are usually in consideration of the near and distant future ahead... so i have never ever tried to train my mind for only here and now...
• New Zealand
9 Jul 09
Hi asertdd, Thanks for your response. I agree with your comment and leading a life full of responsibilities would make it harder to do. Dependent on the person and the situation things could be harder or otherwise. Catch ya later pretty_babe