Do Really MEN don't cry??

July 8, 2009 9:46am CST
It is often said that men dont cry, But do they really don't cry? Are they so brave so as to take all the circumstances without a tear! IT might be that they don't cry in front of people but i personally think it everybody needs to cry at some or the other occasion to make himself feel better, especially when someone very close dies or similar situations. What do you say friends?
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• China
27 Oct 09
Of course it's not true.there's a Chinese saying,"a man doesn't cry easily,just because the situation can not make him moving",I don't know if this is the right for the translation because my English is limited,but anyway,crying is an instinct of human beings,just try not to bear it,no matter you are a woman,or a man.
@ayenacsi (911)
• Philippines
18 Jul 09
I think that women are just more emotional and men just seem to be more emotionally controlled. Maybe society has a lot to do with that, if you are a man you are not expected to cry in public, it's just not manly to cry. So when I see a man being openly emotional and with tears in his eyes, I guess it just shows how much he is going thru that he can't hold back the tears.
@flyisky (196)
• China
13 Jul 09
Well, actually, man need cry as woman. Crying out is relase the pain or sorrow from your own heart. You will better if you cry for relaxing. But majority of men choose to cry in a secret place lest not seen by others. I sometimes cry for seeing some moving circumtances just for feel better.
@underdogtoo (9589)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
It is totally fictional that men don't cry. There might be women who don't cry at all and men might not cry easily but they do have eyes and tear ducts. Crying happens sometimes and it is not at all related to gender. Cheers!!
@indahfth (11169)
• Indonesia
8 Jul 09
it is reasonable for men or women. it can create relieved. for men may be as shameful. I think men crying shame that dastardly.