would you borrow your car to others?

@lcainiao (201)
July 8, 2009 8:49pm CST
I have a workmate has just got the driving licence for 2 month. He has enough money for a have car of his own but he doesn't do it. He always ask for a car from other workmates who have private car of their own. They're not willing to say no to him but they really don't wanna borrow to him. would you borrow your car to others with pleasure ?
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@chi2nasrin (1102)
• Malaysia
19 Jul 09
I lent my car to a friend once and he got into and accident, eventhough it was not his fault but I do felt angry. I won't lend my car to others anymore from now on.
@maezee (41740)
• United States
14 Jul 09
It depends on who it is and what the occasion/situation is. If it's the situation you're talking aobut, then definitely not. I wouldn't borrow my car to someone who has enough money to buy their own car - and isn't making any initiative to buy a car. No thank you. I've borrowed my car to a couple of friends of mine who were in emergencies where they NEEDED to get to work or do some other super-important event, but that was only once or twice - so it was OK.
@MissAmie (718)
• United States
10 Jul 09
NO NO!!! A thousand tims no! No one drives my car...hardly even my husband. I get everything set as I like it and I find it very annoying to readjust everything. Plus if someone dinged it or wrecked it I would just die. A friend dinged my door at a gas station a little while ago and I almost cried. I saw what happened and it honestly wasn't his fault, but it still made me sick. If someone's gonna screw up my car I want it to be me! lol.