How to Be the Man That Every Woman Wants to Date 3 Killer Seduction Methods For

@bang323 (102)
July 9, 2009 12:22am CST
Do you think that it's impossible to conjure up attraction between you and a girl? Well, you're wrong - you can build it up if you know the methods. If you can plant those seeds, wouldn't dating be a snap? It'd become a lot easier, and it would get past all those barriers women put up. So exactly how can you do this? You have to look at dating as a game, in which you must master certain abilities to be successful. The big risk in this game is rejection, which can completely ruin you. Keep reading, and you'll find out how to reduce that risk and become a man who can build up attraction with any woman, anywhere... Method #1. Be Extraordinary If you act like another loser who stutters and falls over himself around hot girls, then you'll fail. Make it clear to her that you've got a level head even in stressful situations. Women are drawn to a man who can keep his cool, no matter what. Some girls will even respond well if you have the balls to just turn away and leave if a conversation isn't going anywhere. A guy who'll stand his ground is rare - a very attractive quality. Method #2. Act Cool and Fun to Be With Don't be a broody 'emo' guy - that's a sure way to turn a girl off. On the contrary, if you can make a girl laugh during your chats, then that makes them let down their barriers so you can get in there. Method #3. Play to Her "Diva" Aspect Any girl wants to be pampered like a diva, but not by just any old loser. In order to build a connection with her, you need to respect her mind as well. If she sees that you don't, it's over with. If you're a guy who only wants quick results, then you may want to skip this stuff and go with some secret methods that can build attraction super fast and easily. They're a bit "unethical" - we're talking about psychological tricks and hypnosis seduction techniques. An example of this sort of technique is "fractionation," which is about taking a woman on an emotional thrill ride during a short conversation, and linking the high points to you. This makes her feel emotionally vulnerable, and can get her to fall for you in just 15 minutes. But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning...
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