How to Build Quick Attraction With a Girl (And Make Her Desire You Helplessly)

@bang323 (102)
July 9, 2009 12:31am CST
You may be feeling jealous of those guys in your crew who seem to seduce women with ease. Of course, those jerks won't give you tips because they don't want the extra competition. While you might try observing their techniques from a distance, but without knowing the real secrets of getting women to be helpless to resist, then you won't be nearly as successful as these guys. However, before I tell you about the methods I use, we have to clear up one thing. The number one problem you need to fix is your dating mindset. Here's something fresh for you: picking up a girl has little to do with her, and a lot to do with the things you say and making sure every word hits her just right. If you've been on the sidelines watching other guys scoops up all the hot women, then read the following tactics that will help you get attract women. Below, you'll find guaranteed ways to draw her to you with three simple seduction moves. Create Instant Attraction With Three Secret Seduction Techniques Technique #1 - "The Plot Thickens." Girls love drama. If you can bring her on an emotional thrill ride and create drama in a conversation, she'll be hooked. Women love to hear stories that are heavy on emotions. Learning to build a rapport with her through emotions is an amazing tool to make her want to get involved with you and go on a romantic escapade. Here's the bottom line: women are constantly seeking emotional situations that appeal to their imagination, whether they realize or not. Master this tactic, and any girl will be totally compliant to you. Technique #2 - "Tactical Boredom." While chatting with a girl, you may find yourself totally absorbed in what she's saying. This is a very, very bad thing, and doing this could totally ruin your chances. So the thing to do is make it look like you're bored, so she feels she needs to work to keep your attention. Technique #3 - "Fractionation." This technique, which is a form of hypnosis, has allowed experts in the seduction underground to seduce girls and make them totally compliant in just 15 minutes or even faster. The basic method is simple - you bring her on an emotional thrill ride, which causes her to become "addicted" to you. After that, anything you want she will go along with. The fractionation tactic is very powerful - it is reputed to be able to make stalkers out of women. Controversial, but highly effective at the same time.
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