Confidence is King When Having Relationship Problems

@bang323 (102)
July 9, 2009 12:32am CST
Everyone goes through rough patches in a relationship. In order to keep relationship problems from blowing up in your face, you have to remain confident when resolving any issues. Confidence is king in relationships because it allows you to clearly think about what things are causing tension between you and your partner. Always attack any problem with a positive attitude and take a look at things from both sides of the coin. Can you improve some yourself, are there areas where you think your partner needs to improve? When you ask yourself these types of questions you may be surprised at the answers you come up with. Write all your answers down and then take a look back after you are done. Now you can begin to sort through real issues and also find those issues that may not be that big. When we take a look at our own side of the relationship, the first thing to do is go back to when the two of you first met. Now we all change as we get older and also as the relationship grows, but there will always be certain traits that stay with us all of our lives. What did you like about your partner when you first met and started seeing each other the first few times. Was it their smile? Maybe the way they made you laugh? Possibly the way they were always confident around people? Whatever it was, ask yourself now, does he/she still have those traits? Another thing to look at from your side of the relationship is am I to demanding? Are you trying to change your partner to what you think they should be? Remember we are all individuals in this world, that is what makes us all unique. Take some time by yourself and really take a deep look inside and find out if you are willing to meet your partner in the middle and find some common interest. Think of some things they like, then pick something that the two of you can share some interest in. Most of all keep telling yourself that this relationship is worth keeping and I will do everything in my power not to be the cause of any relationship problems. As long as you are truly honest with yourself and remain confident you can fix any situation in the relationship. Now the next part should only be done after you have really done some soul searching about your own place in the relationship. The next thing is to take an honest look at your partner, and ask yourself the same questions. Now remember you have to be honest with yourself, and not come up with answers just because you want them a certain way. A lot of relationship problems come from us trying to change our partner, so don't come up with a list based on your wants. Once you have done these two exercises on your own, now approach your partner and ask if the two of you can sit down and talk. Don't be demanding and don't ask them when they are in the middle of something. Just let them know you would like to sit down and talk a little. Once the two of you sit down to talk, remain confident when you're having your talk and always start out with the things you have noticed about yourself that need to be changed or could be worked on. Most of the time when you have a conversation like that your partner will admit to things they could work on also, and alot of those will be on your list.
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