Husband bad mouths us to his family

@pudgles (414)
United States
July 9, 2009 6:54am CST
My husband and I don't really share anything but a name. Anyways, a few years back his sister thought of my children and myself as white trash for all the lies he told her. After a while of course, he denied it. These past few days he wanted to move to be by her for like most families, fiancial we are having it bad. Well, I over heard a phone conversation last night, He says I anchor him down, that I am too fat and stupid to get a job,(mind you, I own my own business which is slow,am a substitute teacher and school is out for the summer and was a manager at a store and got laid off, still looking for another job, but so far no luck)he says that he pulls all the weight and he can't do it anymore, that he wanted to leave 10 years ago, that he can always find a place for him and the 3 cats, never mind my children and I. Yes, grant you they are 17 and 19 but are in college and the little money one of them gets pays his bills, etc. the other one just found a job and starts next week. I have always pulled this family through and was mother and father for their lives. If we didnt' have funds for a bill, I would go without to be sure it is paid, or sell one of my antiques or collections to get the funds, he would never part of anything of his, my car is sitting in the driveway and can't drive for it needs to be registered and inspected but i paid to have his done so he can get back and forth to work. I am not selfish, i give and don't expect or want anything in return, but love and yet i don't even get that, Why does he always bad mouth me to others, especially his family who already think I'm white trash? If he is so miserable, why don't he leave? I've been wanting to for years but I believe in my vows plus a dying womans wish,,,What would you do? if only they knew he was really a phony like I know..
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