do u have plant in ur office?

July 9, 2009 8:30am CST
there is a big pachira macrocarpa in our office. today i cut some old leaves. i usually look at him when my eyes hurt during the work. in fact now,i do want to buy another cactus and put beside my computer to prevent the radiation. hehe, do u have any plant in ur office or beside ur computer?
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@derek_a (10897)
10 Jul 09
I have a plant in my office, but I am not sure what it is called. They say it is good to have plants in a room because it helps to clean the air that we breathe. I know that spider plants are good for neutralizing electo-magnetic fields that are caused by computer too. I didn't realize that cactus does the same thing. - Derek
• China
13 Jul 09
lol...hi,Derek i really didnt know the spider plant can neutralize the radiation. hehe, learn more now,tks. well, the cactus really have such a function. we here use it a lot. maybe u also can have a try,hehe...
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
9 Jul 09
my boss gave me an aloe vera plant and i always forget to water it. i need to do what you did and cut off all the old leaves, maybe tomorrow when i am back at work. my plant is near a window in my office.
• China
9 Jul 09
hi,cher913 lol... the aloe vera's leaves need not to be cut,but remember to water it every morning. if cant ,just think of my discusstion and u'll remember for the leaves,u can cut one by one to give the female for their beauty,lol... but in fact,i dont know what kind of aloe vera it is.cause there are kinds of aloe vera,while maybe only one kind is suitable for the beauty.hehe... well, i do have a aloe vera plant too, but in my flat, i put in near the window, and water it every day. i take care of it very well,just like a friend,hehe...