DMT: The Spirit Molecule.. Heard of it?

United States
July 9, 2009 11:53am CST
So I was wondering how many of you know about the drug DMT? You all do it every day without knowing it, and at the same time it is an illegal substance. DMT is actually the chemical in your brain that causes you to see things in your dreams. It can also be extracted from various plants into a crystal and smoked to induce a 15 minute trip. Joe Rogan, the host of fear factor, has tried it and knows a lot about it. Look it up on youtube! Comments, discussion, and opinions please!
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@Citychic (4071)
• United States
9 Jul 09
The spirit molecule.......... Nope sorry but I have never heard of this spirit molecule before. I will see what I can find on it. Thanks for sharing, take care and happy mylot........the other day I thought I was seeing an actual spirit. It lasted but a brief moment then it vanished into thin air. While at the time I was watching one of those spooky shows on tv about ghost. What a coincident that I would actually think that I saw something in real life huh? Is this strange of fiction?