what would you do? in a man's point of view

United States
July 9, 2009 4:49pm CST
met this woman a few weeks ago.looked kinda decent we kicked it proper(conversation was 100%.we ate by candle lite dinner(chinese style),,watched lil comedy...the night was going alright she wanted to drink,so i said why not...she brought out some erk-n-jerk.compliments was tossed back and forth..by me being a man the mood was soft and mellow really made me tempted to touch..before i knew it she slipped a peck in...shocked from the unexpected kiss..4real i wasnt really feelin her..then she got up and went in another room as i sat there on the couch she called me name so i followed her voice into a dark room where the moon lite dimmly lite the room.she was layn on the bed with a bottle of baby lotion ..she ask me to put some on her back...as i was opening the lotion she was undressing.told her that the lotion was kinda cold.she laughed as i started to put the lotion on her lower back as she asked me too..i stopped so fast b/c i thought i put lotion on her head when it was her hairy azz back...felt like i was rubbing a cat..she back hair had to be about 3 inches long......hell no i had to go? was i wrong for leaving ?or should i have stayed and got the clippers?
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