what disgust you the most?

July 10, 2009 1:23am CST
These were the three things I really disgust the most: 1. Satan 2. Evil ones 3. Myself for being a second deceiver of satan. (I disgust myself for being a liar, I disgust myself for being apathetic, I disgust myself for being hipocrite, I disgust myself for being so weak to tempt to evil ones!!1 hahahahahahaha as far as I am concerned I disgust myself because I only ask GOD's guidance when I have problems. Why can't I call GOD even when I am happy??????? )
2 responses
• China
10 Jul 09
i disgust satan most , i have been to south of my country ,the place is hot ,i went there for holidays ,it is a self travel ,we dont rely on any tour company,we went to a small hill where we think is beautiful,the first days are wonderful,once after the fourth day ,we have like nightmares , a lot of satan i saw ,so disgust , my friends didnot see them ,so i suggest to leave.
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
there ares o many disgusting things here inthis world but one i really dont like is being backstub by others...