Open hand - which is the best outcome

July 10, 2009 11:58pm CST
Hill does not turn it in the mass of water,but water can no longer flow back to square one.Clouds floating feelings it will float,but distance flowing to the distant.Sentimental farewell injuries since ancient times,more a river flowing east.Fast-flowing,only downstream.Countercurrent flow line vessels sim,Fast-flowing water relentless despair.Has gone a love,love and be loved is the same injury,all the way to do so but eventually the scars will be covered.When all is an act of god,has become separated from the outcome should be.Liu Nian speeding,up in smoke,scattered gloom.Like a meteor over the youth of the moment,as the short-lived.Waiting in vain in return was a sad and dreary,the open hand is the best outcome.Youth is a bitter,like a cup of coffee without sugar.To allow the passage of the passage of time.sadly waiting for the last injury is itself only a memory of the past, guarding the memory will only extend the pain.Wind inner gloom and haze,it is imperative to set out the leisurely. Some people must be forgotten,is used to reflect on some things,some things can not be cleaned up.The hands-off when a free hand in order to free up their hands,seize the original part of your happiness and well-being!In some cases,It can not wait for the moment of hesitation,left behind will never regret!
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