Do you ever wear clothes more than once before throwing them in the laundry?

United States
July 11, 2009 10:04am CST
I work in a air conditioned office. I don't get dirty, unless I miss my mouth and hit my blouse or skirt. So I wear some of my skirts, slacks and tops 2 times before washing them. My husband on the other hand will go put clean clothes on to go out to eat and throw them in the laundry when he gets home. I think this is silly. We live in a state that is always dry, so water isn't easy to come by and it is hard on the clothes to be washed every other day. What do you think? Am I being silly about this?
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@achinthya (1217)
• India
25 Jul 09
hi, I am not that lucky to wear the same clothes more than once, as am in India its really very hot and I sweat a lot so a big no only once I can wear it before laundry.
@cndn420 (2062)
• Canada
11 Jul 09
of course i wear clothes more than once before doing laundry. i work in an office and if they arent dirty i definitely re wear them. nothing wrong with that. :)
@bird123 (10564)
• United States
11 Jul 09
I have to side with your husband. One can never be too clean. I could never wear my clothes twice without washing. I could never sleep without bathing as well!!
@kmaram (2534)
• Philippines
11 Jul 09
Hi there well like the other member said i am also staying mom at home and dont wear clothes more often. When i go somewhere i make sure that i will put in laundry basket the shirt i used because its too hot here and i know i sweat so makes my clothes dirty. But with pants its so hard to wash it, so i still using it for atlest 3 times before washing it. Hope i can make sense here, keep on mylotting.
@katsmeow1213 (28910)
• United States
11 Jul 09
I'm a stay at home mom, and don't often leave the house, so normally I sit around in pajamas or lounge wear all day. I'll wear the same pajamas for maybe 2 days before changing them, why does it matter, no one else sees them? When I do get dressed, I'm usually only out for a little while, not all day, so my clothes aren't really dirty. So I'll come home and change out of them and leave them on the dresser so I know they're worn but not dirty. I'll wear them a few times before washing them too, especially the jeans. Shirts normally aren't worn more than once unless I seriously only wore it for 5 minutes.