do you think too old to go to school is a waste of time?

July 12, 2009 3:36am CST
do you think too old to go to school is a waste of time ? why you think that?
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@nanayangel (7881)
• Philippines
12 Jul 09
Studying - studying and learning
Hi there!I started a similar discussion but it's different because I was asking other mylotters back then if they think that it's too late for me to go back to school. I am currently twenty six years old, turning twenty seven in a few months. I got married when I was twenty years old and I was in my third year of college back then. I stopped studying and worked instead, gave birth, and had our own business. After five years, I realized that I really want to teach children and so I went back to college. Not much subjects were accredited and the curriculum changed a lot in span of five years so now I am back to my second year in college. I believe that it's never too late to go back to school. I know a lot of person who are older than me who are still studying. I even encountered a couple, a grandmother and a grandfather, in their late sixties who were my classmates in a short course that I took in computer networking. They were able to finish their course and they used it in their new business which is an internet cafe. My Integrated Mathematics professor, Dr. Escalona always tell us that learning is a life-long process and it's never too late to study and learn.
@ashia101 (203)
• Philippines
12 Jul 09
I think there is never too old to learn. Besides learning is your right. So I think it's not a waste.