sign of being addicted on online game

addicted - me addicted
July 12, 2009 9:04am CST
i know most people here have played online game like me. and it so much fun doing it. but some of those people played to much! that they dont even know that already been addicted to it, so how will you know that you are already a online game addicted sign of online addiction 1 inabillity to stop the activity 2 neglect of family and friends 3 lying to employers and family about the activity 4 problems with school and job 5 carpal tunnel syndrome 6 dry eyes 7 failure to attend to personal hygiene 8 sleep disturbance or change in sleep patterns 9 feeling empty, depressed,irritable when not in to computer 10 craving more and more time at the computer so are the sign showing on you?
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