There's no such thing as too much money

United States
July 12, 2009 9:36am CST
I've seen a lot of discussions lately about trading referrals for various sites. Being a seasoned net earner (over 5 years now), I do not like to waste my time on bogus sites, so rarely do I promote something before it pays me unless it's a free site, and then I will straight up say that I am testing the site to see if it will pay. I have lists of sites that do in fact pay out. Some are easy, like get paid to click, take surveys, complete offers, etc. Others require more than a little work to get paying members in one's downline. Actually, I own 3 such sites, two auto exchanges (not investment hyip ponzi crap, straight up advertising only!!), and one manual exchange...for those of you that know that already, I have dropped the other two. Anyway, I'm straying from my original motivation for this discussion (sorry!!). I'm looking to build downlines in several get paid to sites as well as a few text ad and traffic exchanges (that I do NOT own). If you are looking for an active referral for a legitimate program of the aforementioned type, feel free to leave the link and tell a little about the program. Since I am asking you for the link, it is not spamming, so please do leave the link. Others may be interested while they are here. I will not be leaving any links until you leave yours. Since this is an exchange of links, by leaving yours you are requesting mine as well. Thank you for your time, Shannon
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