My rating on MYLOT.

July 12, 2009 9:53am CST
Hi friends on mylot. Could anyone help me with the fact that my rating has not gone up in ages now. 'At one point it was a 9 and then it went on to an 8. Afterwhich it has never gone up again. Why so? Are they some topics i do not look at or write on. Could that be the reason? Suggestions would help.
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• United States
12 Jul 09
Your rating really isn't that important unless it gets so low that people know to stay away from your discussions. Some people say you get paid more if your rating is high, but nobody knows that for sure. I've been at eight almost since I've been here, and when I post good responses, I get paid well. Most peple don't even bother to rate discussions or comments, so it would probably be almost impossible to change your rating unless you are a very active participant here.
• India
12 Jul 09
Hi, my friend. The reason your rating has stuck at eight is the same as the reason behind your rating dropping from 9 to 8. I can not tell the actual reason but i can give some probable points. Actually, mylot pays you and gives you pints of reputation not just posting but for your reputation among other fellow mylotters. So, you get paid more and earn higher rating if you give good responses (so as to recieve comments, being rated positive and marked best response) and you comment on others` responses to your discussions. In short, if you give others the credit for their work along with giving good responses, mylot will give you credits. So, always comment and get commented upon!! Happy Mylotting!!