Do you write hate posts?

@joyadalia (1408)
July 12, 2009 7:32pm CST
What happens when you are so angry at someone or something? Do you write hate posts on the net or on your diary? Or just keep it to yourself? Well, I rant about it to my friends then write a post on my blog
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13 Jul 09
I really try to leave an open mind about discussions on here on MyLot. I think that people have a right to there opinion, good or bad. The only time I really ranted out loud about something I was upset about on here was when someone decided that they didn't have anything better else to say so they left this comment "you are a damn Fattish Idiot" and I just went off on a response back to him. Not that it was upsetting me personally. Just in that he had no right to say that when he didn't know anything about me or about my life or about whether or not I was fat or skinny. i also told him that he could have done better at his wording than that. You know the jokes that people make about very fat women and school busses or about people being so dumn and stuff. The ones we heard all the time when you were in school. Anyways, I just thought he could have been a little bit more creative in his response than just saying what he said and i told him that i didn't think he knew anything else to say on here because he said something a 3 year old could come up with. I also told him off about calling me an idiot because the discussion I started was about posting on myLot and some of the problems I had posting. i kind of told him off about that and went on about how an idiot wouldn't be able to accomplish all the things that i've accomplished especially considering the fact the last four years of those years I've had a child to take care of on my own. so anyways, to continue about your rant on the post. I think putting it online some how makes us feel like what we are saying about the other person is fair. Especially if they have influence in the online world on where ever you post it on. Good luck MyLotting.