my liberty mutual insurance issues CONTINUED.. any advice?

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July 12, 2009 9:58pm CST
i posted a few weeks ago that 4 weeks ago a storm came through and damaged my roof and the ceiling was leaking.. the home insurance thinks its not storm damage and even though i have 2 different roofers that say other wise they are going on 1 guys opinion and now closing the claim.. now this wouldnt be so frustrating if i hadnt had to play phone tag for literally 4 weeks to get anyone out here.. it was like 3 weeks before some one came to look at it and he wouldnt come when we were at home so who knows if he even did and 4 weeks to get the 2nd person the insurance sent and he says he sees nothing but mr. roof says there is hail damage and holes everywhere.. we are gonna try to get him to take pictures and get another roofer (our 3rd) to back it up and argue some more.. has anyone had this problem where the insurance will just put off for weeks helping you out and tell you your over reacting when i have had prob 10 storms since the leak started and they all poured in my roof?? the one roofer had nothing to gain by telling us we needed a new roof since he only did patches but i trust the mr.roof guy that there is damage.. what would be my next step? even if we are in the wrong they still avoided us for weeks so im still going to complain to the BBB or something.. any advice? the stress is killing both of us! and if im in the wrong i will be HAPPY to pay for it and get it done now! (well not happy about the paying lol) but if they are wrong they need to freaking pay!
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@jillhill (37371)
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13 Jul 09
A few years ago a storm went through here too....large hail, damaging winds....well My insurance company...Westfield...went down the street writing checks to everyone they insured for the amount of damage that there was to each person's home....however many who had State Farm had the same problems you are....they didn't want to pay a thing. I would suggest that if this isn't settled soon....tell them that your are going to kick them to the curb....see if that gets any action.
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14 Jul 09
already told them they are history when the thing is up and they dont care.. lol.. its like they truly think we are these evil plotting dishonest people or something.. i have never lied or frauded or anything in my life so its really irritating