Natural ways to induce labor

@emma412 (1156)
United States
July 12, 2009 10:22pm CST
I am overdue by 8 days with my second baby. I have tried every home method out there to get things started with absolutely no luck. Anyone have any suggestions, maybe I haven't heard it before? I am willing to try anything but Castor Oil at this point. I just can't bring myself to go there! So tell me what you've heard of and your success or non-success stories.
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@babykeka80 (2084)
• United States
13 Jul 09
I was told that it is actually a hormone or something that the baby releases to start the process of labor. I literally tried everything, including castor me DONT go there. I heard swinging, walking, blowing up a balloon, castor oil. You name it. I tried everything. Your doctor will induce in just a few days if you havent went into labor. There is a threat the baby will get to big if he doesnt induce. Did you ask to have your membranes stripped? That sent me within 24 hrs with both my girls. The waiting game is such a miserable part. Good luck honey and I wish for you an easy labor.
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@maximax8 (31053)
• United Kingdom
15 Jul 09
My baby girl was due on 25th June but she didn't arrive until 27th June. She was two days late but I managed to get my labor started. On my due date I had a reflexology session. The lady did something to my feet that stimulated my baby to come within the next 48 hours. The relaxation also helped I feel. It was better than eating 8 pineapples. Caster oil might make you have an upset tummy. Good luck with the birth of your baby.
• United States
9 Sep 11
Ive also reached 41 weeks now. I have a quick question for you about the pineapples. Are they suppose to help induce labor? I lov7e pineapple. Its 3:18am but I will totally go to the store right now and buy 8 pineapples if that will send me into labor. Please get back to me on that.
• India
14 Jul 09
Relax ........ Breathe Deeply ................ Visualize ............... And You Have the Baby Out .......... This Is How My Wife Programmed Herself For Our Kids ........ Though in the Final Moments the Doctor Injected Inducement ...... Learn to relax ..... Breathe deeply ..... You Will Have a Quick Birth ....... All the Best .....