can computers can replace teachers??

July 12, 2009 10:43pm CST
some people say that computers have more info than humans..and in the future they can replace teachers..but i dont agree with that..a machine cannot replace a human..a machine cannot communicate with human..wat do u say abt it???
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• India
13 Jul 09
I think computer will replace teacher as u know that most of the things are done by computerS. Few years back everything waas done by teacher.Example teahcer used to take test and assignments.But now a day each and everything is online.Teacher dont need put a lot of effort to make student learn something.
• India
13 Jul 09
the matter is not only of taking tests...but computers cannot teach the students upto the level that teachers can...teachers also tell the various useful thhings that computers cannot.
@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
14 Sep 09
Hey, Well with the school that I used to go to, the teachers can't even teach. They just sit in front of their computers, and do whatever. They just read from the text book. Personally I think that a computer could easily replace the teachers at my school. Make sure you have a good day, Happy Lotting!!
• United Kingdom
14 Jul 09
No matter what happens in the world of IT and computers I think that teachers will always need to be present. Machines can malfunction and go wrong so there needs to be a human element to oversee those machines! Who knows what the future will bring, it's an absolute certainty though that technology is improving all the time and computers can definitely hold more data and information than the typical human being. We're even starting to get robots now although they are at the very initial stages of this. Here's to technology, I love it. Andrew
@abby01 (65)
• United States
13 Jul 09
It can but I think it's still better to have a teacher. The teachers just need to improve their teaching and their methods. Because yeah yo can go online and search for certains things for example, you're trying to figure out a rule or of hw to solve a trig. or algebra problem... Sometimes it works but somtimes you'd still have questionsin your head like oh how you do this and that. And you might want to know if your answers are right.. and that's where the teachers come to the rescue :D Sorry my response isnt the best..
@eggnog (46)
• Philippines
13 Jul 09
For me, this will not happen, this computers is design to help people on what are they doing, this is just a device to get an extra knowlege. But these teachers are using strategies for the students to explain little by little every word for them to know or to specify what are they teaching, this computers are not capable to communicate with us human.
@lovedude (4450)
• India
13 Jul 09
Never.. For example, computers will never teach students the intuitive critical thinking skills that come from taking liberal arts courses, nor will computers teach students how to be good scientists, journalists, businesspeople, etc. Computers simply allow people who have already developed their job and life skills to access information faster and compute quicker. A good scientist is a good scientist, whether or not she has access to a computer, and likewise with almost all other professions.