Social network sites

United States
July 13, 2009 3:02am CST
Lately it seems like I'm getting a quite a few visitors of young ladies at my social network sites who tell me they would like to get to know me. This doesn't bother me, because that's why I belong to these sites to make friendships. So these young ladies leave a URL for me to go to and check them out. But it turns out that the URL is for an adult nudity website which I'm not into. I have found out though, these websites pay these young girls affiliate commission. When somebody joins, I feel it's not right for these websites to do this. As these young ladies are not sure who they are leaving the URL to I can imagine somebody son or daughter checking the e-mail and clicking on this link. And these young ladies. Maybe find themselves in legal allegations. I don't think these websites would help them
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