anyone try raw vegan?

United States
July 13, 2009 10:22am CST
i have wanted to try this for a long period but it seems rather difficult. i was just wondering if anyone has done this and had it work out well for them? can you really feel the detoxifying effect of it? did you loose weight? gain weight? get sick?
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@Comagirl (146)
• Spain
8 Jun 10
I detoxed in this way 5 years ago, and ate raw vegan for about 5 months. I lost 2 stone (needed), and healed from chronic gastric problems, coming off medication I had been told I would need for life. For me despite these benefits it wasnt sustainable long term, but I have never gone back to eating meat, and I did remain vegan for many years. What it did teach me was to listen to my body and never forget the connection between what we eat and how we feel... for that reason I added dairy protein back to my diet during a difficult pregnancy. At this time I can never imagine my body saying it needs to eat flesh again! But I have learned never to say never. I still try to eat as much raw fruit and veg as I can, and supplement with superfoods as well. If I want to lose some weight fast its a quick way to do so, or fight off a minor infection - a few days raw, or even easier on the digestive system, a few days raw juice only.
• Philippines
2 Jun 10
No. Actually, I've been eating raw wheat grass for more than a year now...fresh from the plant box. I always bear in mind that they are loaded with living enzymes-specialized protein molecules that is responsible for the proper digestion of food. Raw food is super food. Please check my blog "The Nutritional Wonders of Raw Food" at
@RawBill1 (8541)
• Gold Coast, Australia
27 Feb 10
Not only have I tried it, but I have been living the Raw Vegan lifestyle mostly for the last couple of years. I know of many people who are thriving on eating more raw foods. Just like anything though, a balanced diet is still needed, even if the diet is mostly Raw. There are a number of different theories and variants of a raw vegan diet, but I like to take little bits from each of these and follow what works best for my body. I lost some weight and most people that are eating regular diets think I am too thin. But to me, it is the majority of society that is overweight. I am pretty small boned and meant to be thin. There are lots of jockeys in my ancestry!
@1boerseun (124)
• South Africa
14 Jul 09
I don't think there is anything wrong to just dip the veggies in hot water to just kill off all unwelcome bacteria and bugs. These in itself may shock your system to work a little harder to fight of diseases, but better be safe than sorry in the beginning. Some fruit, of course, must be cooked to get the full benefit. I don't know of anyone eating raw potato, but to name just this example, you won't get much from a potato if you eat it raw. You could do some research into which veggies should be cooked and which ones not.
@mizcash (686)
• Canada
14 Jul 09
It'a a great way to eat, it's healthy and great for detoxing the body. initially it's hard but once you learn how to make different dishes using raw food , it is really good.
• Philippines
14 Jul 09
I think you should gradually do this as to avoid your body being shocked with the type of foods you suddenly introduced in long term. I can eat raw vegies from time to time if I want to. But for the long term? No way! I will always crave the oozing sauce of meat. :-p
@savypat (20245)
• United States
13 Jul 09
I am trying this, it's slow going for me because I have to cook for my Hubby who thinks I am crazy. But my doctor advised me to do this I have illness that cannot be cured and must be lived with, he felt that this would give me the best quality of life.
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
13 Jul 09
for me lets put it this way.. after the initial gastric upsets and change in body movements a week or two you'll feel great, lose weight, and have xtra energy. i now cut out all red meat ( i just couldnt live like a vegan i like different food's to much ) no more than 6 oz of chicken or fish a day (proteins) and that will keep your kidneys and liver clean and not get that sluggish feeling. lots of fresh fruit and lite juices, i try to also cut out alllll sugar, now i must confess i do sneek a mini bag of those 100 calorie packs every now and then , but the fruit take's care of that quickly. i lost 83 pounds this way and never gained it back in 2 years. be carefull about the fruits oranges and such are packed with sugar, melons are very low in sugar, and no matter what anyone tells ya carbs turn to sugar, and sugar turns to fat. drink water to help flush out the sugars if you go overboard. good luck it wont be easy in the beginning unless your a great cook and know about spices to flavor some of the nasty tasting stuff. boun appitito