Identity Theft ----[[[huge]]]----- link to Heart Bypass Surgery

United States
July 13, 2009 11:01am CST
I was actually in a discussion pertaining to heart surgery and did a Google search myself "heart surgery identity" and was a little disturbed when all these links came up about people actually falsifying their identities SO they could get heart bypass surgery. The identities their taking? Wealthy ones, of course. So sad Chemerinsky on Concealing a Client's Identity In 2002, baby Ira Faustino died after having heart surgery perform... Recent Immigration Raids -- Really About Identity Theft? ... Identity theft is flourishing in a poor economy - People who steal your name for a living are becoming more ingenious in desperate times...The amount of money stolen rose 7 percent last year to $48 billion, the report said. Man stole pal's identity to pay for bypass surgery, police say ... Aug 22, 2008 ... If your heart was failing, how far would you go to fix it?. Man Steals Identity to Fund Heart Surgery - Crime & Courts News ... Man's identity paid for others' bills -- Sep 18, 2008 ... Philip Johnson says he wants the punishment for the man who stole his identity to pay for heart bypass surgery to be "the worst that can ...,0,5350092.story For many years Auckland's Green Lane Hospital was renowned throughout the country, and in the medical world, as a centre of excellence in cardiac surgery. It was one of the first to perform bypass operations and pioneered die injections to the heart for x-ray imaging, the development of pacemakers, anaesthesia for complex heart surgery and valve replacements. In 1962, its leading surgeon, Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes, performed the world's first aortic valve replacement, just one of the techniques researched and perfected there. Declining rates of surgery can quickly become a vicious circle. Specialist staff are moved to other duties and, since their skills are in short supply worldwide, they are likely to go where they can maintain their expertise. As they leave, it becomes harder to keep up the desired number of operations, let alone increase it. Bypass operations at Auckland City Hospital have fallen from 641 five years ago to 454 in the latest financial year. Far from having a centre of cardiac excellence, New Zealand now has a low rate of state-funded bypass and valve replacement surgery by comparison with other developed countries, and New Zealanders' risk of dying with diagnosed cardio-vascular disease is now 35 per cent greater than Australians' risk. [link above]
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