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United States
July 13, 2009 11:48am CST
What if life really became as we think it, say it, wish it to be? What if every statement we made was taken literally by some unseen force of the universe and it gave to us what we put forth, both positive and negative and what ever we say it is, what ever we imagine and believe...what if that is what life could BE? Then, I would be careful every word...every thought even, and I would try to understand this tool and make it work for me...and I would wish, speak, write, be the very best for me, really...at least that is what I think, or am choosing to think. I once read my past journals written while growing up and raising my son...every worry, every doubt, every stressful event written out, and not positively expressed, and by my very words it became evident that I may have been cursing myself when I simply could have hoped for better...expressing what I choose to have rather than laying claim to all the obstacles and not have's...since then I have changed my choice of words, and put forth faith instead of failure...and my life seems to really be proving this theory...I like it much better this way...changing life from the inside...now that is something I think I can wok with.
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• India
13 Jul 09
Hi, friend. I believe that there is actually that unforeseen force of the universe and we call that GOD. You have really nice views. But, to be careful while thinking is not possible. These thoughts develop from the soul and you can not stop bad thoughts if your soul is malign. One has to transform the soul for getting the blessings from the God. The best way is to love everyone as yourself and all other goodness automatically flows in your work. If you believe in this true love, you will also have the confidence. So, love all (selflessly), practice your deeds, and everything is yours. Happy Mylotting!!
• United States
13 Jul 09
Thank you for your thoughtful response and for the compliment on my views. I understand your concepts on God and soul...however, it is at the conscious level in which we choose what we dream and believe. Our God created this universe, yes, God the unseen force...but the universe works this way with or without our choosing God...it is just the way it is. Adding God by choice will benefit greatly...perfecting the method one could say...but for those that do not question the purity of their souls, and to those who do not choose God, nor plan to...they still benefit from the power of themselves, and each and every thought they have, and each choice, and from this perfectly created tool known as the universe...So, one could argue that though I receive the fruitfulness of God's grace in every thought and choice I make, it is not necessary for life and the universe to function as it does, and this fact known makes life much easier to work with.
• India
14 Jul 09
Yes, my friend, I agree fully with your views. Thanks for your comments. Happy Mylotting!!