EVERYthing About Hating

July 13, 2009 4:18pm CST
Why do people continue to hate? Why do people spend there time hating on there brothers and sisters? Why do we spend so much time hating Period? How Do You Feel Hating? Is It Ok To Hate? What can be done to stop people from hating? Do you get angry when someone hate you? How you feel when someone is hating on you? Have you ever hated on someone before?
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• Philippines
14 Jul 09
Hate is a universal feeling like love. But with love it defeat hatred. Even bad guys have little goodness in their heart. When we have enemies we hate this person and even wish him bad things to happen in that person. But, if you learn to forgive and so is forgetting. Your feeling will be at peace within yourself. hating is a normal expression if you get hurt and the way to express your emotion to a things or person is a way to protect your rights being abuse. It is only normal to put in moderate action. But, too much hating is bad for health and damage many relationship which lead to destruction.
@meyows (438)
• India
13 Jul 09
Let me hate you first for raising the hating topic. People hate because they don't know to love. For time pass they spend their time hating because they don't know the other work than hating. It's nice to hate others. Yes no problem at all. You too can enjoy hating. You can not do anything. Let them hate those who wants to hate you. Any human being gets angry I think when he knows someone hates him. Nothing to feel. We too start hating them, those who hate us. Not before but it's for the first time so i think you are lucky.