For the Love of Ray J. . .SEASON 2?!?

United States
July 13, 2009 7:02pm CST
Obviously, another reality television couple broken apart...AGAIN! For the Love of Ray-J's, Cocktail and Ray-J have officially split. Cocktail has reached out to and said, "Over time as we got to know each other more and more he would tell me things and often times they would hurt my feelings. i guess the brutal truth about him not being exclusive with me and still 'hooking up' with girls made me realize that it wasn't going to work. I hate feeling like I failed and let's be real no woman likes to quit a relationship so I tried to stick it out. I wantes to be his only one not just his number one." Cocktail has made it clear that she and Ray-J have split because Ray-J was not willing to be in a serious committed relationship. However, rumors have spread that reality television star, Tila Tequila has wrote on her blog that "My baby is Ray J...and no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time. We really do love each other and I am so happy to have FINALLY met someone who treats me with respect and love. He is so sweet to me and makies me melt everytime I see him. I love my there you have it! Tila Tequila is officially dating Ray J!!! I think we make the cutest couple...don't you????" Do you think their will be another season 2 of For The Love Of Ray J? Or do you think both Ray J and Tila Tequila have put aside their reality love shows and found love within eachother?
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