Govt jobs are waste of our talent, money

July 13, 2009 8:30pm CST
Hello All, Government created government jobs. What a tragedy. what will be result of this. We all know how much govt employee contribute to economic growth. Waste of money. Actually we should ask military to observe and force govt employee work. Otherwise India would never grow. I have a very bad experience when i actually went to a MTNL govt office for booking a Phone. The guys sitting there took 3 hours to prepare a workorder, if a pvt company would have given this job they would have done it in 5 minutes without much of govt revenue and time. Yes pvt company workers really work hard, i respect them. they are honest, responsible, hard working. Govt should promote pvt company, they would take India to higher growth. how much govt workers have done so far we all know.
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@doggyhouz (548)
• United States
14 Jul 09
Government created job is truly a waste of money. Are these individuals willing to work for minimal earnings? There are tons of jobs today that pay at the lowest and especially at that level. Govt jobs aren't really skilled jobs to be honest. Your talking about... the people that allow voters in california top become in debt and NOW... seriously NOW... students or future educators can't apply to state college because... NOT ENOUGH FUNDINGS? And I hear all the time, its the way democracy in california runs. You let them vote on decisions like this blah blah... i'm serious even the Govt had no foreseeing of this occurance at all. I hate it... govt jobs should pay less right now so that "more" people can get more jobs and reduce unemployment... but do you really think people are going to accept that pay? I doubt it. No! Our greed will not let us just survive even at minimal levels. Irony! godbless