MoDeRn eNgLiSh....

July 14, 2009 1:55am CST
English has attained the status of global language. It is understandable that government of india and CBSE has made it mandantory to be taught in all schools. Earlier english was privelege of few and was known as an eliet language but now it has touched all areas of life. It has become a language of higher education. Modern english is the one full of slangs n great vocabulary words. Communication in a good english has become necessary in all arenas. So through this discussion of mine lets discuss new latest slangs n vocabulary words which can be used in our daily life and enhance our communication skills.Discuss your slangs n your vocabulary words so that it is helpful n knowlegeable to everyone. So here i start::1. Amoeboid- usually bad shape or no shape, can be used for a person who is shapeless. example: hey dude look at her, she is totally amoeboid!2.Bonehead- used for a person who is senseless, like a fool. example: hey stop interfering in our discussions because you are a bonehead. 3.avo- afternoon example: what are you up to this avo???4.Barney style- put in terms that a child would understand example:Let me explain it barney style dude break it down barney style. 5.jawsome- awesome example: I did jawsome in that test. 6.ubiquitous- present everywhere example: computers have nowdays became ubiquitous. 7.nasty- to describe something that is disgusting example: the pile of garbage on the floor was nasty. 8.tress- a bunch of hair. 9.Frenemies- friends who are actually your enemies example: Everyone beware of frenemies. 10. OMG- Oh my God!!!, used as an expression in chatting language. example: OMG!! are you serious??
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@meyows (438)
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14 Jul 09
Yes, English has turned into a global language that everyone worldwide need to learn it. It is added from childhood in syllabus. So that one get efficiency in it from the basic stage. It's like an ocean. How much ever vocabulary you learn that much more will be there to learn. That is the beauty of it. None can say that they know English completely. They can say yet to learn. Coming to spoken English, it's easy to speak. You can find no language as easy as English. Easily understandable and easily learnable. This is the great path that joins world wide members under one roof as a English family. So guys if you are perfect in your national language, it will not be enough. You should know a world-wide accepted international language to communicate to others. Or else you will lag behind in this globalization era.
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15 Jul 09
so guys come out wid some slangs n nice vocab...