Climate change and us

July 14, 2009 6:51am CST
Hello friends, Sooner or later we'd have to agree with the rest of the world that our coal powered power generators is not very efficient process and produces a lot of CO2. More we develop more we'd need electricity and hence more pollution we'll be spewing out in the atmosphere. We can either invest in clean coal technology ourselves or buy this technology from other countries. The interesting thing is that this time it is not our problems alone. More we pollute the atmosphere more it will be a problems to us and others alike and I am sure at some point they'd say enough is enough. A 60% reduction target by 2050 is too loose and we would need to put greater emphasis on the adaptation part. More the mitigation part fails more the adaptation part gains importance. International cooperation is therefore very necessary. We do have nuclear deal with the US and hence in future can modify our energy production habits and methods. Besides nuclear there are other alternatives as well viz. solar, wind or hydro but can they be relied upon to as commercially viable alternatives is a thing to be seen in the coming decade.
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