July 14, 2009 8:08am CST
this discussion is mainly directed towards people who live in the Greater Toronto Area who either have heard about or witnessed the severe storm we received last weekend. Powerlines were downed, trees were felled, roads were blocked and everything was drenched. A friend of mine managed to snap a picture of a broken powerline that had fallen down directly onto a VW Jetta, and crushed it. Roads around my house were closed and it took twice as long to get out of my neighborhood when normal. I had left the sunroof open in my car, and in running to my car and back (in my driveway) to close it resulted in me being totally and utterly soaked. Does anyone have any pictures of the incident? any stories? If you have a good story about some serious weather in your neighborhood, regardless of location, post away. P.S. I will see if I can track down/get permission to post some of the pictures my friend took
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