Do you think that Atkins Diet is a healthy way of losing weight?

July 14, 2009 2:48pm CST
A couple of years ago, I started on the Atkins diet. It was very effective for me because I was able to lose 10 lbs during the first week, and then again a couple of pounds again after several weeks, up to 50 lbs after 3 months. During the first few months was really good because it felt great. Rice is a staple food in our country and I deprived myself of eating rice because I wanted to lose all the weight. But my question is, was that a healthy way of losing weight or not? I would like to know your opinion about this.
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@peedielyn (1210)
• United States
14 Jul 09
After talking to my dad for the last few years and then dating a diabetic--who could control his sugars with diet and exercise--I found out that this is just about the ideal diet. Atkins takes all of the carbs out and your body in turn uses what you have stored in the fat you have left. You then use those carbs for energy and thus "burning fat off basically without exercise". My dad was a trucker then and did no exercise but stuck to the Adkins diet and did great, 68lbs in 4 months. Of course because of the speed of the loss, he had to exercise to tighten up the skin. My Boyfriend is a diabetic and can control the insulin usage by diet and exercise. He was going through a divorce and was angry at the world and ate NO BREADS, STARCHES, POTATOES NO CARBS AT ALL! He lost 200lbs+ but he also exercised and tightened up what he had to. He looked great, got off the insulin for a while and felt wonderful. So, I hope this helps you. I wish you all the luck in the world!
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
Thanks for the response. Wow, that's great. When I did the atkins and went back to my usual diet, I gained even more pounds compared to my old weight. According to what I've read on some articles. I am not a diabetic though but I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which has more or less the same mechanism as Diabetes Type II. My doctor told me that it is the best diet for me since it could help me regulate my menstrual cycles, regulate my physiological status like BP, heart rate, and circulation. But I just can't take a day anymore of getting rid of rice or bread. I am somewhat disappointed that I gained even more, but I might try it out one more time since it work out for your dad and boyfriend. The only thing that I have to battle is my willpower because I think that is my weakest spot. Here in the Philippines, people are accustomed to that diet since rice is abundant here and whole wheat stuff are only available on a limited basis. I was about 180 when I started the atkins diet and went to a 130. Now, I weigh even more, I weigh already 210 which is bad. I have hard time finding clothes since most women here are slim. It is quite sad since everybody always reminds you to watch your diet. My mother has a great body for her age. She even eats much more than I do. I usually deprive myself of rice and ate sweet potatoes for several weeks. But when you eat sweet potatoes for 3 meals the tendency is that you fart a lot which can be embarrassing. No carbs at all is not good since when you do not consume carbohydrates, your body will use up all your protein and fat to convert into energy which would cause to produce ketones in your body. It is a bad thing especially for diabetics since the complication is diabetic ketoacidosis. So, I suggest that your boyfriend should eat at least fruits and veggies as an alternative to carbohydrates. God bless and Take care.