I really love britney's musics

@moon1688 (144)
July 15, 2009 1:00am CST
When time comes to relax. I often do some listening. the britney's music is really great. It give me a sense of passion and joy. I really hope there are more songs like "Baby once more" "I love rock'n'rol" ,the music is so attractive!
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@Shery32 (424)
• Saudi Arabia
18 Jul 09
I think her music are for all times :D I like her music and I'm glad she's back
@moon1688 (144)
• China
21 Jul 09
yeah,let's give her a favor
@checkmail (2041)
• India
17 Jul 09
Hello moon1688 this is checkmail and oh you mean Britney spears, just love her for her songs and her talents.I was in teenage when she had released her album, might be the first.Her hit tracks like "Hit me baby one moretime" and the "oops i did it again".Just made to dance to her tunes of song.Wel later albums were nearly missed by me due to some busy study and works.But still love neary all the music tracks of britney spear.Even I felt soory for her during her problems.Hope could get the roblems solved soon.
@maezee (40203)
• United States
17 Jul 09
Eh, her music is OK. I like listening to it every once in a while, because they're all very high-energy songs. Especially on the new "Circus" album. "Womanizer", "Circus", & "Radar" are all REALLY good "start-me-up" dance songs. I have a couple of her songs on my iPod shuffle so I can listen to her while I work out. Other than that, though, I really can't listen to her or her music very often -because it gets old. A lot of her songs sound the same and aren't the type of songs that have a lot of.. thoughtfulness/meaning in them - so I couldn't imagine listening to them, like, every day for instance.
@greenline (14851)
• Canada
16 Jul 09
I like Britney's songs very much too. Yes, I listen to her songs often in the evenings after I come back home, to relax and get rid of the stresses of the day. I have the CDs of her songs.