Cyber terrorism is a fake excuse for media censorship

July 15, 2009 1:12am CST
Hi All, UK is the country of the source of the recent hacker attacks on America and South Korea, not North Korea or China as previously thought. Check the news The UK is not as Holy and clean as it seems to be. You wont find that impossible given that UK is a database state and it is a one-mind-two-bodies friend of Republican America. The ruling elite - the investment bankers and the war mongers find that the internet has created a lot of problems for them It has leveled the playing field in the media power that they had monopoly over. Now people can see through the media lies. The pattern of all media has become the same after Rupert Murdoch bought over every media house in every South Asian country of note. Now they want to crush the Internet. They will first talk of hacking Then cyber warfare And then internet expenses Then internet censorship Then suppression of speech like FBI and CIA did to Americans in the BushCo years. National ID is for pinpointing activists and fearless media journalists. "War is necessary" they will cry Security is needed, they will scream, and make a jail out of our free country - like the US, UK and German jails. Once the population and its voice is silenced, then the plundering can continue. Reducing global population is also an aim - just they will live and the Earth will be "cleansed"
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@busky5 (3165)
• Thailand
15 Jul 09
May be you are right thought.