@ongtina (1232)
July 15, 2009 4:27am CST
I had been hopeful for help coming my way, only to be disappointed. How I want to scream out loud. Yet I know that if I were to say out my frustration to people I know/who knows me, all I'm going to get is more frustration and not comfort. Feel the same as me? Luckily, there is mylot for me to pen and relieve stress, even if I didn't mention the stressful situation. Okay, that's out of my system. Now I'm ready again to face my days. Have to self mentor myself. How many of you out there do that? Cheer for ourselves! YEAH!
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@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
15 Jul 09
Indeed, when one has problems, one can ask all they wish of others, but it is down to our individual selves at the end of the day. Do you really take advice? I listen but use that advice and incorporate it with my own past experiences. Help is in our own hands, so be it!
@ongtina (1232)
• Singapore
15 Jul 09
I think the same way too. Better depend on ourselves than others. Moreover, when I'm already frustrated, I can't really listen to others. I find it more frustrating and worse if they expect me to listen to their frustration. As if I haven't enough at the moment when I'm irritated.