How old were you the last time you wore a diaper?

July 15, 2009 6:52am CST
I stopped wearing them during the daytime when I was 3 years old but I had a harder time staying dry at night though and didn't stop wearing them at night until I was almost four and a half. Most of my friends say they stopped wearing them at about 2 years old but one of my friends has admitted to wearing them until he was 5 years old at night because of bedwetting. How old were you when you stopped wearing them?
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15 Jul 09
Well, the last time i wore them everyday i think i was about 3. My mom said i actually potty trained myself. She said I watched my older sister on the potty, and she always got rewarded, and i wanted to be rewarded too so i did it by myself. My mom said she walked in and i was going by myself, and she asked what i wanted for a reward and i said a grilled cheese with chips. When i was little, chips were my favorite food ever. I know when i was 5 i had an accident and as a punishment my step dad made me wear a diaper all day. It was very uncomfortable, and embarrassing because he made me wear it to school, and yeah you can hide it so people cant see it with pants, but they make stupid noises, it was just the worst day ever. And it must have been if i still remember it.
15 Jul 09
I'm sorry about your step dad making you a wear diaper all day, even to school just because of having an accident. I had quite a few accidents after I stopped wearing diapers. Thankfully I was never made to wear a diaper a school, I would have been humiliated if anyone found out I was wearing one. I hope you managed to hide it and no one found out. Did your step dad still allow you to use the bathroom when you needed to that day rather than insisting that you used the diaper? It's great that you trained yourself though, I think a lot of parents can push their kids into potty training and it ends up being a nightmare for the child and the parent but you were obviously ready and you managed it by yourself.
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8 Nov 10
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