do you have a wonderful partner?

July 15, 2009 9:19am CST
i've been in a lot of serious and not-so-serious type of relationships. i encountered different kinds of personalities. i learned different behaviours, moods, likes and deslikes, and i figured out traits i never knew i have. i started dating when i was in sophomore years. i never had a clue i fell in love with my classmate. it was a puppy love then... in college, i only had 2, and when i got my degree and started working, girls also went with the flow. i had 2 girlfriend simultaneously, and yes it was hard finding time for both of them. i had 1 serious relationship with a different religious affiliation. we debate most of the time defending each others faith. and guess what? i did decided to be converted. thank God, it failed before i change my faith. i prayed so hard, for i was so brokenhearted please give me a partner who love me most...and my prayers were answered...i later decided not to let this destined partner to let go and marry her. AFTERALL those years i had with my previous gfs, i finally have the most wonderfull gf, friend, and now my partner topping them all either by faith, behaviours, traits, our 4 years as bf-gf + 2 years as husband and wife, i could only count from my fingers the number of times we argue. the rest are pretty WONDEFULL ones. Do you have the same too?
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15 Jul 09
Welcome to the Lot, carlfrancis! Many mylotters know that my husband and I have an amazing and happy relationship. It's been that way since we were young kids and best of friends. Our religious differences drove us to marry others, and we were miserable and still best of friends. We finally realized that we respect the differences and they aren't all that different, so we've been one since the 1970s. In all these years, there's never been an argument. We have great respect for one another, so we discuss things rather than argue about them, and occasionally just agree to disagree on a given issue.
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15 Jul 09