imreportcard - do they ever pay??

United States
July 15, 2009 10:43am CST
So, I finally hit my $20.00 on imreportcard this week! I am very excited as this will be the first time I have ever actually made money online just for grading products that I have used and commenting on them. I felt that they were unfair in some of my posts, and that they declined to use some of them so they wouldn't have to pay me. But, today, it finally happened, I got my 20% comment ratio and over 2000 credits, but when I go to cash out, it just sends me back to the home page. Has anyone here ever gotten paid from imreportcard? Does it just take time to get the payment? I thought that they would at least note that they were going to pay me, but it still says I haven't cashed any of my credits out.
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@kmaram (2534)
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
Hi there, i dont know the credibility of IMReportcard. I sign up for them and easily do things there i even have points already but after one day i can't go to my account, i learned from here that it was not open to all already. Now it seems that you have problem getting your payment, its really hard to trust any site now. But i am wishing that you will get it, i think your not belong to the countries that they banned already. Goodluck to you hope you get payment from them as soon as possible. Keep on mylotting this site will pay you surely.
• United States
15 Jul 09
Thanks for your comment, I had trouble logging back in, but it was something as silly as mistyping my password. I followed all of their guidelines, and they say I will get paid in 24 hours, so I guess I will see in another...22 hours :-) And I am from the US, and I checked their banned countries, we aren't one of them. So weird.
@la_chique (1498)
15 Jul 09
I've had a payment refused tonight :( Just tried it again, so fingers crossed that I actually get paid this time. Maybe I cant have 'pending' credits. I hope not because I was waiting 2 weeks for them to approve my last comment! 3,566 credits wooooo!