Ever lose the use of an arm/wrist/hand?

Arm - My arm wrapped in a bandage/cast, and then an old Halloween arm warmer.
July 15, 2009 4:55pm CST
Well I did, thanks to good old tendinitis! We're having staffing issues at my work, so my workload doubled, or tripled in some cases. I am a right handed person, so I do the majority of everything with my right hand, writing, data input, lifting, pushing, pulling, signing for packages, EVERYTHING! BUT, the past couple of weeks, while I knew that my direct co-worker, the one who works in the same office as me, had to go for 3 weeks to our other site to cover for our other co-worker, who was off on medical leave, the whole time, I MADE SURE to use my left arm/wrist/hand on different occasions, to give my right side a break, except for signing and writing of course. I'm not ambidextrous, and it certainly shows it lol...I hope I had the correct word there, to be able to write with both hands lol. And yes, that is my arm in the picture right there, and WHY does it look like a skeleton bone? Because it was the only arm warmer I had to use to cover up the cast and bandages, to keep it from getting wet (Travel by public transit, and it's been raining buckets at most times ) AND to keep nosey people from constantly asking me what happened, especially people that only say hi in passing, not my direct coworker, OR has any business in knowing my medical issues, especially if it's a work-related injury. ESPECIALLY because of that, I don't know the full details of Workers Compensation, but I thought I heard somewhere that you just can't discuss the details outside of your department, supervisor and your OH&S Nurse, but then again I could be wrong, and if I am, I'm claiming the patient confidentiality, which NO ONE has respect for except a few good people in this system! Anywho, amoung me being annoyed by coworkers, I get the annoyed feeling towards my useless arm, which is also difficult to use because of where the cast is between my thumb and forefinger, ie, when I'm trying to use a pen. I've noticed that I ACTUALLY stick my tongue out at an angle, or bite my lip, or tongue, because I'm concentrating very hard on writing clearly lol. So now I'm trying not to that, because my coworker teases me, lol. I know it's just teasing, so I don't mind. Anybody have this difficulty? Any of it? lol.
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