When is your 1st time receive payment for online job?

@akuler (3534)
July 15, 2009 4:59pm CST
Do you remember when is your first time receive your payment for what you did online? How much is it and which program do you joined? I receive my first and only payment from online job in 2000. I receive my paycheque about USD14 for a online search job. I can't remember the site or program. How I spend that money? emmmm ... never actually. I keep the paycheque. I try to exchange that paycheck with our local bank. That time the exchange rate is USD1=RM3.80. But the bank clerk said they need to check whether that is genuine cheque since that cheque issued by oversea bank. And I need to wait 2 weeks before they can give the conformation and plus RM25 service charges. So, I said never mind, I keep it. (Sadly I lost it some where after a few years). How about you? Where you spend your online earning? Online or offline? If you never had one, where you want to spend your future online earning.
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@sutent (1060)
• China
16 Jul 09
Hi,akuler I am amazed by that you get your first payment from online jobs in 2000. That's long time ago. Comparing with you, i am really a rookie of making money online. Definitely, my first payment will came from Mylot in near further. Additionally, i do not have a paypall count to receive the payment from international transfer accounts. But i will get ready everything for the payment when my mylot account have more than 20 dollars. I look forward to it ah, although my account has only one dollar. In one day, i will get it. Take care of you, my friend!
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@akuler (3534)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 09
Hi sutent, Yeah ... my first time payment (and only ) is in 2000. That time I can access internet freely from my work place because my work need me browse internet on daily basis to look for information. Since I have do do a lot of search, I use this program. Not only I can find my related work, I can also make some money . Last time, we only receive payment by cheque because paypal doesn't exist (or I don't know its existence). You will achieve it my friend sooner or later. But it is better if you can get sooner though. Good luck buddy and have a nice day.