Are you going to buy clothes for college?

July 15, 2009 9:45pm CST
1.Select appropriate clothing for the climate: winter coats and long underwear for colder climates, shorts and lightweight sweaters for warmer climates. Remember rain and cold-weather garments. 2.Anticipate involvement in athletic activities and choose relevant athletic wear. 3.Select comfortable clothes, like sweats and T-shirts. You'll long for comfort during long hours of studying. 4.Select clothes that are wrinkle-free and easy to wash. You won't want to spend money at the dry cleaners or time in the laundromat. 5.Pack plenty of extra underwear and socks. You'll go through these items quickly. 6.Take hats for cold weather or bad hair days. 7.Select comfortable shoes appropriate to the climate; you will be doing more walking than you think. 8.Buy at least one nice outfit including shoes, hose/socks, belts/purses and other accessories for dating, important social occasions and interviews.
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