how long can you chat with one single person?

@whateva (786)
July 16, 2009 8:50am CST
well for me it depends person to person..if i am really bored with some particular person i just say m off ...and there i go am invisible..heh.. i guess everyone does that :|
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• United States
28 Feb 10
i dont always spend all that long chatting with one single person at a time. i normally chat online with multiple people. but not always i sometimes do spend time chatting online with one person at once.
• United States
4 Dec 09
I think so too. It really depends on who the other person is and whether they have a lot to talk about or whether they'll be willing to listen to everything that you want to talk about and still stay on long enough. If I get bored with someone, I still continue to talk to them but I don't respond as much as I usually do when I'm into what they're saying or what we're talking about.
@glesil_00 (1143)
• Philippines
4 Aug 09
It took hours for me to leave the person. I knew a relatives because of social networking site and because we asked each other email id we start to talk. We used skype. We can stay for long hours until i got home in the midnight. We start talking at 4 in the afternoon here in the Philippines and end up midnight here because i have to go home. We enjoy talking each other talking random things and because it is just once a day or two times a week when she is off from work. We switch between typing and voice even the call is continuous.
• Philippines
19 Jul 09
hello, i stopped chatting for the past few months now. Yes maybe i'm bored with the routinary introduction and all. But as i remember, there was this guys whom i get a long with chat. Everyday we chat and it was nice. It runs for like a month. But that was it. I didn't notice how it was ended it just did. I guess we just run out of things to talk to. Happy mylotting!
@Preciousgem (1184)
• Philippines
17 Jul 09
1 to 2 hours, to know him \ her better, to listen to her\him, to talk some sweet talks, especially to the one i love.
• India
16 Jul 09
depanding upon the person i can chat.I agree with your opinion.
@trexhero (103)
16 Jul 09
I have often spent long days and nights chatting to the same person, its just a matter of having things in common, discussing things, analysing things, making plans and all and then you can make this one person interesting/interested enough to chat for hours upon hours be that in person or over a computer.