Some people are just dumb...

United States
July 16, 2009 10:03am CST
I was reading this article about an 8 year old girl who got arrested in Sandpoint, Idaho for inappropriately touching and spitting on two of her instructors. The girl was handcuffed and taken to a Juvenile lockup and released to her parents. Here's what drives me nuts, though... She had Asperger's syndrome, which is a lot like Autism. You heard me right... She was mentally retarded! It still shocks me that someone would arrest someone for spitting on their teacher and touching them inappropriately if they DIDN'T EVEN KNOW BETTER! Thankfully, the prosecutor had enough sense to drop the charges against the child. Now, the parents of the child are filing a tort claim against the county and school district. I seriously hope she wins the settlement.
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@chi2nasrin (1102)
• Malaysia
17 Jul 09
Firstly, there must be a reason for the girl to act that way. I think the teachers must have done something to irritate or upset her. My ex-boss daughter has that syndrome and actually children with this syndrome is very sensitive. I don't know much about Autism. I saw once his daughter bite her therapist cheek because she was late and supposed to have her session on time (they are used to the same session every single day). But she won't do things like that without reason.
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• United States
17 Jul 09
Well, if suing a mentally handicapped child is an indication of their personality, I can see why she would do that. Actually, I'm not unfamiliar with Autism, I've been in a school where they teach autistic children, so I kinda know what to expect. I've also heard of something called "Frett syndrome" (I think that's how it's spelled...), and it appears to be much much worse than Autism. It's kind of sad, too, I mean, this disease makes the mind suffer and become unable to function properly. Scientists are still trying to figure out what causes it, and they think it could be harmful chemicals... but that's an argument for another time, and that time might pop up sooner or later.
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@marinarovi (1318)
• Argentina
15 May 10
Who called the police? Did they know she had that syndrome? I don't think the police are to blame here, if you get a phone call saying someone attacked you they have to go and do something about it. I think they instructors are the stupid ones. Because they should have known better.