where is obamas jobs at

@plb9201 (140)
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July 16, 2009 2:37pm CST
when barak obama got elected he said in the stimulus package thier would be jobs i have seen more aig bonus were handed out and we could see a 2nd stimlous pakage democrats dont blame other people for not having jobs ,money. tis is your fault
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16 Jul 09
I dunno where the jobs are. I ask that about the BS tax credit on getting energy effecient upgrades to your home.... yeah I'd rather have an $1800 discount rather than a tax credit that probably won't even make it worth my wild on the bottom line on my taxes. Why bother? (not that I can afford to do these up grades anyways, for me to upgrade my c/a & furnace that's atleast $3-4000, my living room window is atleast $3000 just for the one window, $1800 HA!)